BME Z10 incubator

BME Z10 is the Incubator serving the needs of students and academics at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. 

Z10 is a physical space for student startups to develop their business and technology. This includes co-working space, event space, a prototyping lab and meeting rooms nested within the university campus. Startups at Z10 have access to the university knowledge base, research facilities and the unique network comprising multinational, SMEs, government bodies and other academic institutions.

Z10 has various entrepreneurship education offerings including an accelerator twice a year. This programme has a successful track record with VC buy-in, and in the past two years has been co-taught with investment managers from Hiventures, the largest VC in the CEE region. Students learn to master key soft skills, build teams, develop a scalable business model, draft a business and financial plan and pitch to investors with the aim to raise funds to launch their venture. These teams can then become tenants at the incubator and spend the first 12-18 months in a sheltered innovation ecosystem with valuable support and services from Z10 staff.

Education offerings are tailored to tenant needs, while the accelerator objective is to shorten time to market for students with breakthrough ideas. Z10 has partnered with local VCs that invest in accelerator graduates and connects these new startups with industry partners.

Startups that have graduated from Z10 accelerator:


The revolution of storing thermal energy

HeatTank can help your business decrease its energy costs by 20-50%.

HeatVentors participated at the Alperia Startup Factory 2 in Bolzano, Italy, where we were selected among more than 200 startup to work together with Alperia SPA on a pilot.



Further eit msc programmes at our faculty

Embedded Systems programme exit year at BME-VIK
Autonomous Systems programme entry year at BME-VIK