Academic help for students

(1) Central Academit Office (CAO)  ||  (2) International Office  ||   (3) International Mentor Team (IMT)  ||  (4) Student Services



Central Academic Office (CAO) can be found at building R, ground floor, room No. 1. They are a group of international program coordinators in charge of helping students with academic problems. 

You can ask their help in the followings: term registration, subject registration, exam registration, data modification in Neptun, requests in Neptun, certificates on your studies (e.g. student legal status certificate, credit certificate, etc.), documents receipt (e.g. temporary student ID, permanent student ID, TAJ card), etc.

Office hours


9:00 -15:00









If you would like to visit CAO, please draw a number from a customer terminal in the main hall of building R!



We are here to help you with all study-related questions you may have as well as any other issues you might face.

You can find us in building Q, groundfloor, Room 5 and 6.



The team offers several dates at the beginning of each term to help new students with their official documents that need to be arranged as soon as possible.

They organise Immigration Office visiting hours on campus in September and October in order to make your application as convenient and efficient as possible. For those of you who arrive too late , the Team also schedules a few group appointments in the Immigration Office, to which we can accompany you. Bear in mind that September and October are extremely busy for workers at the Immigration Office, so the procedure may take longer than average.

Please check out their site for more useful information:

If you have any questions feel free to contact them at



The main goal of the organisation, the Directorate of Sales and Services (ÉSZI), is that the BME students may experience the years spent here in their wholeness, and may get support and answers, if sometimes they get lost in the maze of student life.


During your time at the university, you may experience personal and emotional issues that have an impact on your academic work and university life. The counselling services at BME offer free and confidential support to students to help them overcome difficulties. Experienced psychologists are available to help students cope with their difficulties, understand themselves better, and find ways to manage their situations.

Counsellors can help you with a wide range of difficulties:

          • Family problems and parental separation
          • Relationship difficulties
          • Work-related problems
          • Academic difficulties
          • Managing transitions
          • Anxiety and stress
          • Mood disorder
          • Problems with establishing contacts
          • Problems with self-esteem
          • Lack of motivation, doubts about the career path you have chosen
          • The loss of an important person

How to meet a counsellor?

1) Ask for an appointment via email:
2) After scheduling an appointment, you can meet a psychologist on 1-6 occasions free of charge.

The psychologist will help you reconsider your problems, provide you with support, and help you manage change.

We encourage all of our students to take the various opportunities offered by the ÉSZI, let’s meet in person in the Building R, on the 2nd floor!

Other services provided by BME:

Please visit the following website: