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Internet at BME

BME provides free wireless internet access (WIFI) for students. This network is available in most buildings. Some common areas are also equipped with extra sockets so you can charge your laptop.

Public Spaces for Students (indoor):

        • Building E: ground floor and 1st floor
        • Building R: 3rd floor
        • Building K
        • Library (behind Building K)

To use the internet, you need to register the MAC address of your laptop or mobile phone. Once registered, you will have to wait a few hours for the account to be activated. You can also use the PCs to access the internet in the BME Student Computer Centre. To learn more about connecting to WIFI, please read:

Computer Center

BME directory user administration

In case you have login problems, these are the options:

    1.  specifically for eduID problems, see this page: as well as for a detailed description of the process
    2.  you can also write to
    3.  please check out IT Directorate page for several contact persons

In case you have Neptun problems, please write to:


The mission of the National Technical Information Centre and Library of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME OMIKK) is to support the research and education in the university through its collection and services.  


      • Registration, Borrowing
      • Renewal and reservation
      • Urgent cataloguing, readers’ proposals
      • Reference and information service
      • Inter-library loan service
      • Department Library Network
      • User training
      • Publications database, PhD works
      • E-books, e-journals, databases

Address: 1111 Budapest, Műegyetem rkp. 3.
Library building address: 1111 Budapest, Budafoki street 4-6.

Opening hours

      • Monday - Friday (Closed at weekends):
        • Central CirculationMain Reading Room, Technology and Natural Sciences Reading Room, Community areas
          8 am - 8 pm
        • Economics and Social Sciences Reading Room
          8 am - 7:30 pm
        • Textbooks Reading Room, Community room
          9 am - 8 pm

Other libraries in Budapest:

      • National Széchényi Library –
        It is located in the rear wing of the Royal Palace. It is a national library, the biggest collection including some surviving books of King Matthias, the legendary king of the Renaissance.
      • Library of the Parliament –
        The House of the Hungarian Parliament established the library at the end of the 1860s.
      • Library and Information Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences –
        It is a special national research library. Since its foundation in 1826, it has dedicated itself to supporting scientific and scholarly research and safeguarding its precious collections.
      • Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library –
        It is located in a magnificent neo-Baroque palace completed in 1889, as well as in a new wing – presently one of the most interesting library interiors of Europe.
      • National Library of Foreign Language –
        It has got a very pleasant atmosphere with a rich selection of journals.
      • Central European University Library
        Founded by George Soros in June 1992, the CEU Library is located in the heart of downtown Budapest.


There are plenty of sports opportunities at our university, which is organised around 3 major locations:

 1. BME Sportközpont

      • Fitness
      • Indoor football, basketball, handball
      • and volleyball
      • Squash
      • Personal training

2. BME Sports Complex

      • Football
      • Tennis
      • Athletics
      • Volleyball
      • Handball

3. Swimming pool



The centre is an independent organizational unit within the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences with 58 lecturers and teachers along with hundreds of accredited examiners who support its language testing work. The Centre’s task is to develop the students’ written and oral communication skills in foreign languages. Its objective is to provied them with language skills that, along with the knowledge of their profession, will inable them to keep pace with the latest developments of the rapidly changing scientific world throughout their studies, and later to participate in international scientific life.

General Hungarian Language Courses

BME offers Hungarian language courses to its scholarship holder students while they are studying at BME in the 1st and 2nd semesters.

The 10-11-week courses start at the beginning of both spring and autumn semesters. The curriculum has been developed for two 90-minute classes per week for a period of one semester. Students get 2 ECTS credits after successfully completing the course.

BME offers Hungarian language courses to its international students.

Learning other languages

BME Language School offers fee-paying language courses in English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish.


Mandatory English language subject in BSc programmes:

2 mandatory language courses have been introduced in the first and second semesters of the BSc programme of Electrical Engineering and Informatics in order to reinforce effective learning.

        • BMEGT63EEI1 English for Electrical Engineering and Informatics 1. (0/4/0/f/3)
        • BMEGT63EEI2 English for Electrical Engineering and Informatics 2. (0/4/0/f/3)

Students are assigned and registered for courses centrally by the language institute, so it is unnecessary to register in Neptun while deregistration of such courses is not allowed

Please read:


This website is primarily aimed at foreigners, so it was important to make the site also available to the campus and the natural and cultural values of Budapest and its surroundings.  In addition to showcasing the institution's 240 years of historical-intellectual heritage and its academic achievements, visitors can also gain an insight into the role of the University in the international higher education scene. The site also provides information on accommodation in Budapest, university services for students and other practical information to help foreign applicants.


You can place your order on the webite and pick up the goods in the cafeteria in Building Q.