Joint degree MSc programmes of EIT Digital


The EIT Digital Master School offers a two-year education programme in which the two years (entry, exit) are completed in two different European countries, and the two universities provide double degrees combining technical competence with skills in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.



Autonomous systems

Autonomous systems are hardware- and software-based frameworks used in environments with moderate human interaction. Automatization enlarges productivity in industry and comfort in personal applications but needs controlled hardware support with smart or even adaptive software. Control includes the consideration of safety, security and reliability requirements too.

Our faculty offers the entry year of the Programme.

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Details of the AUS programme

Data science

Data has transformed research, industry, commerce, and society; artificial intelligence technologies further boost this transformation. The declared focus of the European Union on human-centered data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI), exemplified by GDPR and the AI Act, requires entrepreneurs to understand a product's ethical, legal, and regulatory aspects, in addition to mastering its technology. 

Our faculty offers the exit year of the Programme. 

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Details of the DSC programme

Embedded systems

Embedded systems are industrial and personal smart systems used for non-generic computation applications that typically interact with the physical world. More and more embedded systems are networked, intelligent, and mobile systems, and also appear in critical applications.

Our faculty offers the exit year of the Programme.

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Details of the ES programme

BME Z10 incubator

BME Z10 incubator offers high-level services for students t​hat wish to get immersed in an active accelerator environment and apply the knowledge and skills obtained during the EIT Digital Master School studies while working together with other young innovators in an existing accelerator environment.

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